The new generation of worktops for straightforward mounting of flush-fit sinks

RESOPLEX is our new generation of worktops designed for the flush-fit mounting of ceramic and stainless steel sinks. It consists of a 35 mm AirMaxx® lightweight chipboard, a 3 mm RESOPAL® solid layer and an additional 0.7 mm thick RESOPAL® surface. Thanks to the 3.7 mm thick top layer of RESOPAL® any carpenter/ joiner can use a standard router to cut the board ready for the sink to be fitted in such a way that the chipboard itself, prone to swelling, does not come into contact with the edge of the sink.

This ingenious principle for straightforward and economic mounting of stainless steel and ceramic sinks saves extra manufacturing work steps, solves transportation problems, reduces costs, and offers flexibility for installers. Kitchen users benefit in two ways - in that the sink is beautifully installed into the worktop and it is much easier to care for and keep clean.

The construction of the AirMaxx® lightweight chipboard that we use as the substrate for RESOPLEX also offers a reduction of up to 30% in weight compared with a conventional chipboard. There is no difference in the way this substrate is machined or in its load resistance, compared with conventional chipboard.

The manufacturer, Nolte Holzwerkstoff GmbH & Co. KG in Germersheim, Germany, has achieved this tremendous reduction in the substrate weight by introducing polystyrene balls into the centre layer of the board in substitution for some of the wood chips.

Dimensions:   3650 x 600/900/1200 mm
Substrate:   35 mm AirMaxx® lightweight chipboard P2 (V20) E1 bonded with 3 mm phenol compact board
Top covering:  ORIGINAL RESOPAL® 0.7 mm HPL as per DIN EN 438Bottom covering:  Backing paper 0.1 mm
HPL draw-in, approx. 15 mm, bottom side seal
Rear edge:   sealed
Milling radius:  approx. 2.9 mm

Reginox sinks are manufactured as seamless, one-piece items, so are extremely stable in shape. This is why we have matched our templates to Reginox sinks. The design of our RESOPLEX worktops is protected under a utility patent taken out by our partners, architects Carol and Britta Voegeli and PEK Pallares Entwicklung und Konstruktion.
No. 20 2008 007 694.3


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